Teacher and Staff Grant Program

The Wheaton PTSA Teacher and Staff Grant Program is proud to offer financial assistance to enterprising teachers and staff to enhance the class curriculum and make learning memorable for students. As this is a new Wheaton HS PTSA initiative, we anticipate starting small and building the program in the future.

Two categories of Teacher and Staff Grants will be awarded this school year:

  • Small-Scale Teacher and Staff Grants (up to $150): Grants that benefit at least one school department or program, or a student group or club
  • Mid-Scale Teacher and Staff Grants ($150 to $400): Grants that provide a general benefit to the school as a whole, or a benefit expected to affect at least 100 students

The School Business Administrator, Sandy Spruill, and Principal Dr. Debra Mugge will review Teacher and Staff Grant applications to ensure the integrity of the requests and that the applications are consistent with the objectives of the school mission. The point of contact at school is Sandra_J_Spruill@mcpsmd.org. After review by the school, the Teacher and Staff Grant applications will then be forwarded to the PTSA Mini Grants Committee. Proposals will then be evaluated on the basis of how they best support students and school enrichment.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Please submit applications electronically to the School Business Administrator, Sandra_J_Spruill@mcpsmd.org, as a Microsoft Word attachment. Put “Teacher and Staff Grant Program” in the subject line of your email. All submissions will be acknowledged.
  2. We accept proposals for mini-grants throughout the academic year starting on December 15th 2019. Please submit applications at least six weeks before the funding is needed to allow time for evaluation. Recipients will also receive notice of the award in writing.
  3. Receipts or invoices for expenditures will be required to receive reimbursement. The reimbursement form will be provided upon request.